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    Hi there, 
    I’m Debra M Bright, aka AbracaDEBRAH from TV
    I helps with Emotional & Mental Health Clearing, 
    Speaker & Teacher
    Goddess of Bliss
    Nominated Australian of Year thrice (again this year 2019) for successes in Changing & Saving Lives.
    There are big, great changes happening on the planet right now for everyone.  These changes are making everyone feel very emotional & stressed- anxiety, anger, road rage, depressed, attacks, bullying , relationship issues , Money arguments to name a few,  Can you feel it?

    All these stresses when they come up need to be Cleared, to get actual Change, so we can be happy, healthy abundant, successful & blissful. 

    So when your issues come up to the surface to shift you need to have the tools to do this.
    You need Clearing Action.

    There is also high energy being surged  down onto the planet everyday which we all need to integrate into our body or it will block up our body with stress and if this happens the block will shut our body energy flow down, creating sickness & disease.  So if you are already sick it’s a sign you already have a blocked section happening in your body already.

    So to correct this, we also need Clearing Action.

    The first level of Clearing energy Action is Chakra Clearing.  
    Our energy flows in through our body at our Crown Chakra & moves down through the center of our body via the Chakra system & if the Chakras are not Cleared regularly this is when the blocks & body shutdown start to happen. The first sign of this is what we call the flue, where we feel fatigue and lethargic due to lack of energy.
    Then if you still didn't Clear your body it can crumble or collapse even further with dizziness, chest infection, sore throat, cough, vertigo, fainting, or even compounded into more serious sickness, disease  thyroid or organ problems etc, or stroke, heart issues, which is generally a full body shutdown.

    So all easily fixed, by getting right down to the Cause of the issues, which is where I work, I recommend everyone to Chakra Clear every day, maybe many times per day on the big surge days like New or Full Moons, end of Full Moon times & Eclipses to keep Clear & balanced. 

    So let’s all get with the latest healing way & be 5min Chakra Clearing with me each day, with my CD/DVD get it at AbracaDEBRAH.com 
    This is an important & ongoing skill needed to keep your balance & stability.  I call it the Shower on the Inside but more important, and you wouldn’t miss a shower would you.

    And keep on top of things each week, join in my Weekly Phone Bliss Healing Clearing on Tuesday’s'. 1pm & 7pm.

    But most importantly, we all need to keep GROUNDED for stability & balance too, while all this is happening.

    So let’s do it now, 
    - Focus & center within, wherever you are,
    - Imagine Connecting to your Chakra energies, high above at God Source,
    - Pull your energies down down down through the center of you body, chakra system, right down to the center of the earth, (the earth star chakra), then hook yourself in there, 
    -Then focus energies going down through your right leg down down to the center of the earth & hook yourself in there, 
    - Then focus the energies going down down your left leg down down to the center of earth & hook yourself in there,  
    Focus all 3 lines down down down down hooked in at the center of earth, (earth star chakra),  all down & locked in & feel yourself GROUNDED IN, NOW!
    Did you feel yourself ground down in, Perfect!

    Now you will feel firm, stable, secure & balanced and you need to keep yourself grounded, so check on it regularly.

    This is so easy to do it anytime, anywhere!

    For more energy, daily secret tools & wisdom, Contact AbracaDEBRAH
    and download or attend Debra's Workshops, including the Chakra Clearing workshop if your keen to know more.

    Please care & share with loved ones, everyone you know, 
    We are all now needing this information & Clearing Action with AbracaDEBRAHs powerful Clearing Audios, Clearing all the negative, pain, sickness & stresses away for happiness, abundance, success, health & Bliss in your lLife!

    Go see the Clearing Menu for what your needing help with right now, whichever one intuited & jumps out at you will be for you, at AbracaDEBRAH.com❤️

    In gratitude of you,
    Love, light, abundance & Bliss ,



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