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    About Debra M Bright


     World Renowned Emotional Clearer, Awakener, World Speaker, Teacher, Author and Popular TV Celebrity Healer. 

    Public Figure, 30 yrs exp,specializing in healing energy blocks then realigning you into Bliss with Body Attunements.

    Attunements are so powerfully deep, it can heal the cause of the problem. It heals the cause, not the symptoms. It is the ‘Quick Relief, Fix’ that people are now looking for. It is freeing and gives people back their health, happiness, joy and contentment.”


    Debra has been working with Energy Therapies for the last 25 years and she is highly experienced and professional. She conducts Workshops to teach and empower people on how to Chakra Balance and use Universal Healing Energy on themselves and others.

    She works with the Energy Therapies including Energy Body Attunements, Remote Energy Body Attunements, Animal Energy Attunements, Kinergetics, Chironics, Animal Therapies, Remote Sessions, Reiki, Swedish Massage, Acupressure Massage, Chakra Balancing, Muscle Testing, Personal Vibrational Remedies, Personal Herbal Mixes (Aust Bush Flower and Egyptian).

    She does Body Attunements to “fix for good” peoples issues and health problems.



    AbracaDEBRAH is an online store and we provide the best prices online for my audio clearings. Furthermore, goal is to provide a world class experience as you browse through our online catalog and provide top of the line customer service at our online shop.


    Our business is registered and currently located in USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Moreover, we use top quality recordings services and digital media service to bring you great audio products


    Since I have started sharing my readings/clearing and talents I have been able to develop a great reputation online and around the world by healing, clearing , changing peoples lives. Additionally, I have an amazing internal team that’s extremely excited about not only sharing my audios and healing but serving you to make your visit a living changing one and we hope you become part of our growing, loving family


    If you need any assistance with the details about our audios or other products we offer or would like to find out about tour dates or have a personal question feel free to use the “Contact Us” page and we look forward to helping you.

     Love, Light, Abundance & Bliss

    Debra M Bright 


    Goddess of Bliss

    World Emotional Clearer, Awakener, Speaker, Teacher, Author,

    Nominated ‘Australian of Year’ twice for successes Changing & Saving Lives.

    It’s Clearing Action Time for Change!

    ©1999-2020 Debra M Bright, Copyright Reserved.






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